4626 Williston Rd. Williston, VT 05495

Since 1990, Green Lights Energy, Inc. has built long-standing relationships with our Commercial and Industrial customers which is clearly a testament to our staff and to the exceptional level of personal, quality service that they deliver daily. We have directly installed lighting efficiency measures to hundreds of customers of all sizes, whether they were small businesses, nonprofits, government / Town buildings, and institutions all across Vermont.

We have successfully conducted program design delivery, marketing to target, solicit and engage our customers, actual installations of lighting efficiency improvements, and highly valued evaluations of workmanship. We continue to enhance the depth and quality of our service offering for meeting the quantitative goals of program sponsors for demand reduction, cost effective implementation, participation, and end-user satisfaction. We have a well-developed network of sub-contractors, Master Electricians, Licensed Journeymen Electricians, Distributors, and Suppliers in the regions we serve throughout Vermont.

We, Green Lights Energy, Inc., are the Vermont distributor for manufacturers - Lighting Science, GreenLite, Nexxus Array, and Precision Paragon. Our people, their experience,

their commitment, and their ability to work together is what makes the difference. 9 times

out of 10 it’s the quality of our service that our people deliver that wins and keeps the business. The rate of growth we have experienced is the result of a long-term internal growth strategy. Green Lights Energy, Inc. will continue to develop its businesses and strategically pursue new business ventures to further enhance our breadth of services and products to our customers. 

About Green Lights Enrgy, Inc